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Dr Shahid Masood

Shahid Masood Khan (شاہد مسعود خان) is a Pakistani journalist, columnist, TV show host and a political analyst and commentator. He is the anchor of the popular show "Meray Mutabiq" (Urdu for "According to me") on Geo TV. Previously, he had been affiliated with ARY One World, as its senior executive director and was the chief of ARY One World conducting the show Views On News on ARY. Dr. Masood also parted ways with Geo TV for unknown reasons. He was also Chairman and Managing Director of state-run Pakistan Television and advisor to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani. He subsequently resigned from these posts. He is recently banned from broadcasting his program. His ban came in the face of sitting Government's request to Dubai officials which immediately saw the forced closure of his live program. The closure of his programme was a response to his fierce but guided and substantiated criticism of President Zardari's government; particularly on matters relating to unsurpassed corruption and silent obedience to US 'orders'. Whilst the government would have believed that the closure of this icon's programme would silence its critics, this poorly thought action on the part of the government has only served to embolden the critics and has made President Zardari even more unpopular. It must be mentioned that this is the same individual whose invaluable contribution in former President Musharraf's downfall has made him an extremely popular figure with the masses in Pakistan. Granted that the criticism levelled against President Zardari is sometimes overly harsh, locking horns against such a popular figure of Pakistan's increasingly influential media has only served to prove how inept the Zardari administration is. Dr. Shahid Masood has indicated in his episode on November 23, 2009 that he has received death threats from the highest levels of our government and that those sitting in the presidential palaces will be responsible for any unnatural death.

The Hidden truth
Title: The Hidden truth
Author: Dr Shahid Masood
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